General conditions

the present general conditions of sale are strictly applied to all product sales carried out worldwide by Global Invest Gold,in onwards with destined to natural and legal persons.

Everything order made to necessarily implies a title of essential condition, determinant and indispensable, the unreserved acceptance the customer of the conditions for sale of in force the day in which it is carried out the corresponding order.Besides, the client acknowledges that the acceptance of the present in conditions implies the application of these to the order for to which they relate, as well as any later order,with the exception of those cases in which new conditions be put to your knowledge by

The fact that does not at any time resort to any of the present conditions can not be interpreted or equivalent to giving up recourse to them in the future or in the past.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction.

The interpretation and implementation of the conditions,as well as all acts that result from them, did have undergo the right Spanishh , unless there are contrary public provisions order..


The prices published in are in Euros and are valid except typographical error. All prices are inclusive of VAT on the day of order, the change in VAT rates will automatically be applied to the prices of products for sale in

In the case of gold the applicable VAT is 0%(except commemorative pieces for collection and pieces before the year 1,800).The other metals (silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium) apply to them a 21% VAT rate. reserves the right to change, at any time and without notice, the prices of the website

Prices shown in US Dollars are for guidance only and may vary depending on the applicable change at any time.

Product offers on for sale in will be displayed in the section "Offers" or will be indicated in the card of the products and, if not indicated to the contrary, will be valid while they are shown in the screen.

Repurchase price

Everything the products in sale in guarantees a minimum repurchase price that will be visible on the entire website. The customer will always have knowledge of the value of the same prior to the purchase.

Purchasing process

Shopping basket.

The customer it can explore the various sections of our store by adding to your shopping basket those items wish to buy.

Registration of Customers.

Once you have selected the products, you have to register by filling your personal and payment details, giving themselves registering in the system with a user name and a key determined by the same. This process involves the sending of data,which is carried out safely by the use of an advanced security system, but in case of any doubt go to your internet access provider.

Order processing.

Once the process of selection articles is finished, and completing the user registration, go to order confirmation section, in which the client is asked to identify himself in case he had previously registered or if not otherwise you are asked to register. In case the customer is registered, your personal data is already hosted on our secure server and does not travel by the network. This phase is done safely by being integrated into our server.

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