Frequent questions

Why buy from

We guarantee your investment, with a medium-term result always having the possibility to resell the product.

Why is this Andalusian company?

We are located in the center of Andalusia, key tourist area of Sevilla, Córdoba, Málaga y Granada, which facilitates the collection and delivery of the product in hand.

What are the shipping costs?

we will use safe transport companies and the cost of shipping the products will always be specified before the purchase.

What happens if I choose the "bank transfer" payment method?

At the end of the order,we will indicate you the account number and the amount to be transfer. We recommend that you include the order number in the transfer concept for your best location. After confirming that payment has been paid (approximately 3 business days after purchase),proceed to the management of the shipment of the same. If the payment is delayed after the purchase, we can not to insure your order.

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